Who's Who

Born on 31st December 1974, Karma Lama is the Founder and CEO of Encounter Karma Treks (EKT) founded in 2009 and Founder-President of Karma Thalo Foundation (KTF), Nepal, founded in 2012.

Having more than 15 years of experience in the trekking field in Nepal, it was time that he decided to start his own trekking company to encounter one’s personal karma, and that is how the name came up. Karma knows what outsiders should not miss when they are here. Karma provides leadership and steet to the EKT group and guided the organization through a period of significant change, modernizing the core whilst retaining the expertise and loyal staffing that provide the company’s recognition. He is very much a hands-on CEO getting out on treks, working directly with the field staffs and clients to keep the organization on focus and to stimulate development of new products and services. He is always looking forward to the next rewarding and challenging venture.

Social Involvement: To give back to the needy he founded KTF, mainly focusing in the health sector. Every year he gathers doctors, nurses and volunteers from around the world to come to Nepal and takes them on a Medical Trek to remote villages and provide the village people with multi-day free health camps, providing them with dental clinics, medicines and eye glasses. This trek combine the opportunity to truly see the splendor and unspoiled beauty of Nepal, while at the same time helping indigenous people of Nepal begin path to lasting health and wellness.

Grade: Easy | 6 Days