Here at Encounter Karma Treks, we provide a service that offers all our guests a comfortable and memorable journey through an ancient country that still boasts many secrets waiting to be discovered. Encounter Karma Treks hopes you can discover for yourself the wonders of Nepal and the magnificent experiences you can have here are endless.

Encounter Karma Treks mission is to be the best provider of choice for international adventure travelers looking for premium quality, professional guided trips and expeditions in Nepal. We provide a wide range of activities and cultural experiences for people of all physical abilities. The company also inspires to continuously improve the communities to which it visits in hopes of having a positive impact upon the lives of the people that are so wonderful to open their worlds’ to us.

The choice for the company name is based upon our personal belief that people should not limit themselves regarding anything they wish to experience or accomplish in their lives. We believe that most people are capable of accomplishing far more than they might believe. 

Grade: Easy | 6 Days
Grade: Moderate | 15 Days