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Scott Berkson - New York, United States

“During a month long trip to Nepal in 2004 I wanted to take a 10-day trek through the Himalayas. In searching all of the expedition companies in Kathmandu I found Karma Lama. With a name of “Karma Lama” as my guide I knew I would be in good hands. For 10-days Karma guided me on the Jomsom trek. Every village we passed through we were met by locals who not only knew Karma but liked him even more as I noticed the fun Karma had with the locals during the Holi festival. We were welcomed into every guesthouse with open arms, not just being a foreigner who would spend money, but as friends. Karma’s years of expertise of the terrain, weather conditions, village contacts and little secrets along the journey are evident. If you are in search of Himalayan small village culture or scenery for great photography Karma will there to meet your request. On our 10-days together I found out that I not only had a trustworthy guide but I made a friend for life.”

Ben Robertacco - Currently Hong Kong, United States

\"I will never forget my time in Nepal. The trek through Annapurna, with it is varying vistas and trail side villages, is eternally etched into my memory. I have always been an independent traveler and have traveled to many countries on six continents. It is for this reason, that I was pleasantly surprised how much I valued Karma as my guide. Of course he took care of all the necessary logistics, as any good guide would do. But, what separates Karma from the rest, is his friendly approachable personality and his fluent English. It was like having a friend (that took care of logistics) on the trek with me. In fact, over six years later, I\'ve stayed in touch with Karma and still consider him a friend.\"